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I’m late on this but right now my vote for ‘realest’ rapper goes to Scarface — Maxine Waters had to intervene to get Janet Reno to intervene to get DEA off his case circa ‘97…. Until recently I understood very little about Rap-a-Lot and J. Prince, who basically were totally running game in Houston I guess. Gangsta Rap genre consists of liars and real criminals; and real understanding of the genre, I mean just in terms of aesthetic critique or being able to sociologically discuss gangsta rap as self-evidently important in American culture, comes from discerning the real criminals from liars in the genre. Not enough has been written about that like that.

Reuters: Kurds rise up against government of Turkey, 21 killed in riots

In Turkey, street battles raged between Kurdish protesters and police across the mainly Kurdish southeast, in Istanbul and in Ankara, as fallout from war in Syria and Iraq threatened to unravel the NATO member’s own delicate Kurdish peace process. The street violence was the worst Turkey has seen in years.
PKK resumes armed warfare against Turkey; 5 Turkish police attacked, 3 killed
Guerrilla forces carried out the action from a close distance

Rouhani warns over US plans to arm and train Free Syrian Army

'With whose permission, with whose authority, with what mandate, according to what international laws and norms are they doing this?'

Iran blames outside intelligence agencies for rise of Islamic State

In what was seen as veiled reference to Israel and the United States, Rouhani blamed the rise of violent extremists on outside influences. ‘Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hand of madmen, who now spare no one,’ Rouhani said.

'All those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terror groups must acknowledge their errors,' he said.