stephen clark

marxist // new york city

I would like to suggest another way to go further towards a new economy of power relations, a way which is more empirical, more directly related to our present situation, and which implies more relations between theory and practice. It consists of taking the forms of resistance against different forms of power as a starting point. To use another metaphor, it consists of using this resistance as a chemical catalyst so as to bring to light power relations, locate their position, find out their point of application and the methods used. Rather than analyzing power from the point of view of its internal rationality, it consists of analyzing power relations through the antagonism of strategies.

— Foucault

Ferguson, Missouri // August 2014

dead prez seem pretty cool to me and maybe the most legitimate hip hop group in terms of stated politics from a Marxian perspective (I’m saying I politically agree with around 99% of what they say and there are very many artists in the hip hop genre I could not make a similar remark about). at points they indicate affiliation with Yeshitela. There are a lot of rap songs about offing pigs; if a revolutionary civil war happens in the United States involving urban guerrilla warfare against militarized police (what’s happening now in Ferguson?), the insurrectionary forces by some historical accident or otherwise have a tremendous resource to draw upon in order to boost morale for urban combat.

Even with advanced military hardware, local police in suburbs of St. Louis cannot function effectively as a fighting force which is why the National Guard was called in so quickly. Small groups of fit rebels carrying light arms can run circles around almost all local police forces and seriously embarrass them by tactically controlling areas. Deployments of the National Guard in response purely to urban unrest (ie not in aftermath of natural disaster) are very rare, so it’s self-evident how seriously the-powers-that-be view the events.

Police are claiming heavy fire from ‘protesters’ — on their part that’s probably a deliberate verbal conflation of the retaliatory anti-police resistance starting to occur with otherwise nonviolent large protest actions, in order to justify further policing of the protests.

Police response to Occupy Wall Street was severe but nothing like images from Ferguson.

Israel’s real target

All colonial settler states are based on the violent dispossession of the native peoples – and as a result, their fundamental and overriding aim has always been to keep those native peoples as weak as possible. Israel’s aim for the Palestinians is no different.

The worst phase of the Sinjar mountain event ended by August 7, before any US airstrikes occurred. Syrian PKK broke through ISIS siege, losing only 9 fighters in that process (documented), and opened an escape path down the mountain. Nearly all refugees were evacuated by August 10. Most US airstrikes August 8-10 did not occur near Sinjar and impact of US military operations on the success of PKK’s rescue operation appears minimal. US television media still portrayed the events, specifically on the mountain, as urgent and genocidal on August 11 and August 13 (I was watching CNN coverage actively those days) to build support for airstrike operations and general reentry of the US military into Iraq.

Civilian deaths involved in the recent Iraq ‘crisis’ are in a similar range to that in the Gaza conflict. If ISIS is committing genocide, so is Israel. (And the US already committed genocidal violence against Iraq, during almost the entire period after 1990, anyway)