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PKK resumes armed warfare against Turkey; 5 Turkish police attacked, 3 killed
Guerrilla forces carried out the action from a close distance

Rouhani warns over US plans to arm and train Free Syrian Army

'With whose permission, with whose authority, with what mandate, according to what international laws and norms are they doing this?'

Iran blames outside intelligence agencies for rise of Islamic State

In what was seen as veiled reference to Israel and the United States, Rouhani blamed the rise of violent extremists on outside influences. ‘Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hand of madmen, who now spare no one,’ Rouhani said.

'All those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terror groups must acknowledge their errors,' he said.

Hezbollah opposes US Syria War

Turkish military tear gas attack against Kurds gathering near border to support refugees displaced by IS

PKK requests and is denied US military support against IS

Turkey long turned a blind eye to fighters crossing its border to fight against the government of Syria (if not directly helping them along). Some of those militants became members of ISIS/IS. Now we see Turkey’s military blocking Kurdish forces (PKK) seeking to enter Syria to stop IS committing ethnic cleansing. While the US is ‘assembling a coalition’ against the IS, its allies are running interference for the IS while it commits atrocities and taking pains to halt forces like PKK that can effectively counter the IS in ground combat.

I think I like this mash-up better than either original song.

'Party and Bullshit' by Biggie Smalls included a sample/interpolation from a song by 1970s militant proto-rap group The Last Poets; Last Poets themselves disapproved of Biggie's use but I wonder (honestly) if they failed to give appropriate credit to certain postmodern sensibilities of Biggie Smalls as an artist; 'Honeys wanna chat / But all we wanna know is where the party at? / And can I bring my gat?' Why is it so important to Biggie Smalls to attend a party in which he may need to carry a firearm? If he were going to a party to probably do something like ‘chat with honeys’ anyway — that’s already happening in this context but he interrupts ‘honeys’ to inquire about how to attend a dangerous party involving firearms (which itself later in the song is made clear involves hedonism or consumption of alcohol and marijuana as well). What sort of ‘party’ is he talking about? Is there a reading of the lyrics suggesting, evoking, and updating elements of the political militancy of the Last Poets and putting that into Biggie’s own post-crack social context, rather than an outright disrespectful subversion? (What does an urban lumpenproletarian revolution look like in postindustrial North American contexts?)

The track to ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ by Miley Cyrus (produced by Dr. Luke) includes a recurring ‘hypnotic’ deep-bass loop which sonically most resembles the beat to ‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez.

Pentagon distributes grenade launchers to campus police

Arming cops for heavy war — what’s just on the horizon?

Leaked emails: CIA still manipulates major US news media. (I want to say ‘nobody is surprised’ but I’ve spoken to too many otherwise intelligent people who dismissed the possibility, or obvious strong probability, of this as a ‘conspiracy theory’.) #CIA